ENG: Caravan parking /per 24h




Select the number of days you want to stay at Veiholmen Caravan Parking, press add to cart
and follow the payment instructions.
(If you book for several cars, you must do this process per car/unit).

No pre-booking, all payment to be done upon arrival when you enter our facility.

Havkroa offers a large space per caravan with good space between the units and a short
distance to the charming fishing village Veiholmen.
You pay 250kr/per day and you get access to our facilities and services.

– Spacious parking
– Access to power
– Access to water
– Access to WiFi
– Access to restrooms and shower facilities
– Access to washing machine and tumble dryer

– Access to toilet disposal system

We ALSO HAVE a pickup service to and from Havkroa if the weather is bad.

After payment you will receive an email receipt with a discount card from us to be used at
Havkroa during your stay.

(If you have problems to pay on internet, you can go to our cost hotel Havkroa out in the
fishing village and pay with card or cash).

We wish all our customers to a pleasant and interesting stay with us at Veiholmen!